How does cocaine affect your body?

How does cocaine affect your body?

The most addictive drug is cocaine which affects your energy and attention. Cocaine addictions can be a very high risk to your life. It affects both health physically and mentally. Whether you inhale, smoke, or inject, it doesn’t matter how you are taking it, but it will be impacting you dangerously, or it can be fatal.

Cocaine is harmful in many ways to physical bodies whether you take a small or excessive quantity, the drug will remain harmful. It can damage your heart, stomach, breathing, and various parts of your body. Drug addictions are serious, and it is good to get overcome those addictions, or else it can take over and ruin your whole life.

We will be discussing some major examples of cocaine that how it will affect your different body parts.

Nose Problems

Snorting cocaine effects may last longer than taking it as smoke or injecting it into your body. Snorting cocaine can cause you problems with swallowing, nosebleeds, runny nose, irritably nasal septum, losing the sense of smell, or more.

It can completely damage your nose mucous membrane linings and it will also affect your flow of blood to the nose. Once you are addicted for cocaine doses then it will get be essential to keep a hold on high cocaine doses daily to enjoy the pleasure.

Heart Diseases

Cocaine addictions will increase your heart rate and your blood pressure. It will constrict your blood vessels and it will make trouble for your heart to work normally as it will make it more challenging to pump blood in your body. It will increase the risk of a heart attack because the increase in heart rate may need more oxygen so this will be very risky for a human body to survive. Cocaine addictions will create blood clots, which will end up as heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolisms, or Deep vein thrombosis.

Effecting the Mental Health

Cocaine can also hurt you mentally, it can make worse mental health disorders. It will give you the wrong sense of self-confidence for some time when cocaine hits your body, you will first feel great about yourself, and incomparable to others. Then suddenly, you will feel like your self-esteem is crashing, and you will start to feel threatening about yourself. You will start to feel anxiety, panic attacks, and extreme stress.

You will also feel extreme anger, negative emotions, and irritation. People who are habitual to cocaine become more aggressive.

Damages on Nervous System

You will feel quick joy for a short time by using cocaine. Your dopamine levels get a boost by cocaine that’s why you will feel immediate excitement. By that time, you will feel yourself strong then later on you will need higher amounts of Cocaine to feel the same feelings again and again.

Problems with Breathing

Cocaine addictions will also cause you oxygen problems. It will stop the oxygen bloodstream and this causes you multiple problems with breathing, health difficulties, along with permanent lungs damage. You may get diseases of asthma, pulmonary hypertension, bronchiolitis, pneumonia, and emphysema.