No.1 Method in Canada to stop smoking

Why is it hard to quit smoking?

March 12, 2023 By hunaida In Blogs, Quit Smoking
Quitting smoking can be a difficult journey, and many people struggle with it. Even if you’ve tried to quit before, you may have found it challenging to stay smoke-free for the long term. So why is it so hard to quit smoking? There are several reasons why breaking the smoking habit and addicti...

What’s the most successful way to quit smoking?

November 04, 2022 By hunaida In Blogs, Quit Smoking
Nicotine is more addictive than heroin and cocaine. smoking is a major cause of disease and the leading cause of preventable death. Smoking cigarettes contributes to almost 1 in 5 deaths. Quitting smoking and staying smoke-free can be a challenge, it is a process, not an event. It takes most smoker...

What happens to my body when I quit smoking?

October 14, 2022 By hunaida In Blogs, Quit Smoking
Thinking of giving up smoking! Curious about the positive changes that will happen to your body for the days, weeks, and years after your last cigarette! Smokers are at risk of developing many different cancers, coronary heart disease and various lung diseases, as well as increasing their chance of ...

5 good reasons to quit smoking

September 22, 2022 By hunaida In Blogs, Quit Smoking
It is never too late to quit smoking! Smoking is a pleasurable experience for many, so it’s not hard to understand the difficulty in putting the habit to rest. But the decision to quit smoking is the most important step you can take to improve your life. It is important to decide for yourself th...

What are the 5 stages to quit smoking?

September 20, 2022 By hunaida In Blogs, Quit Smoking
Cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals and at least 69 of them cause cancer. These chemicals have effects on your lungs and cells, skin, teeth, hair, and heart. Quitting smoking is one of the best things you will ever do for your health, but quitting can be daunting. Quitting is hard, it usually tak...

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No.1 Method in Canada to stop smoking