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Stress and Anxiety Management

Stress and anxiety are like siblings – they may not look alike but are usually seen together. Generally speaking, stress is the physical response to a perceived “threat,” while anxiety is the anticipation of future danger. In other words: Stress is how you feel in the moment, and anxiety is worrying about what might happen next.

There are a lot of things that can cause stress and anxiety, from life’s everyday hassles to more serious events like traumatic experiences. In some cases, it can be hard to pinpoint the specific source of the stress or anxiety. It is also important to note that while some people may experience only one of these feelings at a time, it is not uncommon for them to occur together.

Stress and Anxiety Laser Therapy

Bio-electrical stimulation of acupuncture points alleviates stress by decreasing heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels. Not only do you experience an increase in energy and tissue regeneration with this modality, but it also has a calming sensation that is especially beneficial for people struggling with anxiety or high levels of tension. Research has proven its effectiveness time after time!

Therapeutic PBT sessions can reduce symptoms of stress and depression, making it simpler for individuals to work through challenges at home, amongst peers, or in the workplace. In addition, you can experience a sense of contentment and restored assurance with consistent treatments.

Repeated thoughts or flashbacks of unpleasant experiences
Inability to concentrate
Anxious or racing thoughts
Problems sleeping
Uncontrollable, negative thoughts
Poor judgment
Constant worrying
An inability to be still and calm
Muscle tension
Memory problems
Seeing only the negative
Uncontrollable, negative thoughts
Dry mouth
stress and anxiety symptoms

Symptoms of Stress & Anxiety

Signs You Need Anxiety & Stress Management Therapy



Behavioural Problems

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


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Stress Reduction

Recent surveys indicate an alarming number of people suffering from stress, placing them at risk for health issues. Fortunately, PBT Stress Management Therapy offers a solution to reducing stress levels without pain or strain. The Center for Disease Control and NIOSH recently revealed that workplace stress is becoming increasingly prevalent in the United States – with far-reaching implications on employees’ physical and mental health if not addressed promptly. The findings include the following:

Workplace stress findings in the US by Center for Disease Control and NIOSH:
stress is linked to physical and mental health and decreases willingness to wake on new and creative endeavors
stress related Job burnout experienced by 25-40% US workers
Stress causes drain on productivity
Depression (a stress reaction) is predicted to be a leading occupational disease

If you are suffering from Stress or Anxiety, Laserworks can help

Stress and Anxiety Management Therapy

You will feel the tension leave your body, you will feel calm and more relaxed and have a feeling of well being. Clients usually sleep deeper and longer, have more energy and are able to cope with crisis better. As a result, the quality of life and relationships will generally improve.

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Find Relief From Stress Instantly with a Single Stress and Anxiety Laser Session!

If you experience anxiety, most of your time is likely dominated by worrying about what may never come to pass. You prepare for the worst possible outcomes in any situation you are presented with – a habit that sadly has many damaging effects on your physical and mental health and impacts day-to-day life.

Anxiety can make you feel like you’re on edge; impatient, fatigued, unable to focus, and with aching muscles. It can cause insomnia and even panic attacks that mimic the symptoms of a heart attack.

Our Laser Anxiety Protocols can help you regain control of your life and feel better again! By targeting the causes and symptoms of your anxiety, our protocols are designed to provide you with lasting relief.


Sleep deprivation or insomnia is distressingly widespread in North America, with up to 60% of the population experiencing it at one point or another.

Despite some initial hesitancy, doctors are now beginning to research the potential of acupuncture for treating anxiety and insomnia. Sleeping pills currently remain one of the few options available from Western Medicine, but these come with a host of side effects, not to mention their high risk for abuse. Unfortunately, this is typically how traditional medicinal practices approach unfamiliar ailments.

By attacking the source of insomnia and sleeping disorders, Imagine Laserworks Therapy provides an effective solution that brings lasting results. With us, you’ll be able to enjoy an improved sense of mental clarity and a heightened quality of life – all without the risks associated with sleep medications. Plus, unlike traditional sleeping pills, our method is safe and natural – meaning there’s no risk of addiction or overdose!

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